21st Century Pupils

Our pupils have the advantage of an innovative educational experience that connects the humanities with technology.

They participate in an educational project where Information Technology promotes their creativity, teamwork, motivation, research and critical thought.

They are part of a teaching model in which pupils generate content with their technological devices both in the classroom and outside of it, and afterwards the teacher gives them personalised and interactive guidance.

Significant technological resources:



  • All classrooms are equipped with the latest technology: computers, LED projectors, Apple TV and speakers.
  • High speed WiFi throughout the school.
  • TechnoLab with 16 iPads for Early Years.
  • TecnoZone with 14 latest-generation iPads, a Robotics table and 25 latest-generation computers for Primary.
  • 2 ICT suites, both with latest-generation computers for Secondary.
  • 1 Robotics room for Secondary.
  • Secure network: Firewall, internet filters and MDM (Mobile Device Management) system.
  • Latest-generation iPads for all teaching staff.
  • TIC Department and ICT staff to support teachers, pupils and parents.
  • Pupil E-portfolio online with multi-device access.
  • Bluetooth sensors used with mobile devices for science experiments.
  • Promethean touch sensitive TVs in Years 1 and 2. 
  • Touch screen monitors for teachers in Nursery and Reception.
  • Regular informative workshops for parents.
  • In-house training for teachers.


  • Robotics with Lego WeDo in Primary.
  • Programming Blue-Bots with iPads.
  • Robotics Club in Primary and Secondary.
  • Oscars: project based on collaborative learning using a variety of applications, together with iMovie on pupils’ iPads.
  • “Techno Team” in Primary and “Tech Champs” in Secondary: groups of pupils who help their classmates by organising the Techno Zone and creating tutorial videos.
  • From Years 5 to 12 pupils bring their own iPads to school every day and use a wide range of creative apps.
  • Programming with Scratch and Phyton.
  • Mindstorms, Robbo, Arduino: the highest level of robotics for LEGO education in Secondary.

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