6th Forum on Educational Innovation

How should we teach students who are going to work in jobs that are largely uninvented, having to deal with unknown concepts and facing unsuspected problems?
The prestigious educator, philosopher and writer José Antonio Marina, will be in charge of answering this question in a conference in which he will reflect on the skills that we must instill in our students and children to guarantee them a promising life as people and professionals in a highly technological and uncertain environment.
“When I ask human resources directors which skills they value most in job applicants, they usually agree on one: learnability. The ability to learn quickly and enjoy doing it. This is an attitude that we must encourage in school and throughout society. In the coming years, the collaboration between neural and digital intelligence will intensify, due to the advancement of Artificial Intelligence systems, which will cause changes in the way we use our intelligence. (…) Surviving in a dizzying reality requires learning quickly and developing two essential skills, which can also be learned: creativity and critical thinking”. Jose Antonio Marina.
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