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1 Main Entrances / Bus Parking

Our courtyard with its lovely fish pond welcomes all visitors to Caxton College. Next to this entrance to the school is the outside parking area where you will find our fleet of buses. A safe transport service which encompasses over 20 routes between Valencia and Castellon.

2 General Reception / Uniform Shop

Next to the school's general reception area is the school shop, which stocks uniforms, books, school material, skincare products, sports equipment, etc... Here you will find everything your child may need for school activities both academic and extracurricular. Orders can be made online or by telephone.

3 Medical Centre

Caxton College is the first school in Spain to have a fully functioning medical centre as part of its facilities that provides first aid for the school.

4 Secondary Building

The Secondary building, inaugurated in 2008, is comprised of 3 stories containing Secondary and Sixth Form classrooms, laboratories, IT suites, a music room, art rooms, lockers, tutorial rooms, department offices, etc.

5 Caxton Sports Centre

Our sports centre is equipped with three multi-purpose studios where activities such as Pilates and aerobics take place, a heated swimming pool designed for swimming lessons, a cardio-fitness gym, changing rooms and a rest area.In addition it is home to our tennis and football clubs and where qualified instructors also give individual tennis and paddle tennis clases.

6 Football Pitch

The 7-a-side Astroturf football pitch is where our Football Team trains an it is also used for training by Secondary pupils as well as by groups of young people and adults who play the sport.

7 Sports Areas

Secondary pupils use these areas for various sports. The tennis courts are used for individual lessons, group lessons and as training courts for our Tennis Summer Camp.

8 Paddle Court and "Chopera" playground

The "Chopera" playground is where will find our Paddle tennis court where children as well as adults receive one-to-one or group lessons. The court may also be hired through Caxton Sports Centre.

9 Theatre

With a capacity to seat 30, the theatre is where Caxton College holds festivals and shows.It is also available to hire for evens such as Fallas presentations, business events, theatre productions, conferences, talks, etc.
The facilities offer:
-Capacity for 330 people
-125 m2 stage
-Full audio system
-Public address system in the hall
-Video screen to project DVD, VCD and MP3
-Stage lighting with fully controllable overhead spotlights as well as ambient lighting
-Smoke machine
-Stage microphones
-Tiered seating for the stage
-Fully equipped for conferences: meeting table, lectern with light and microphone

10 Chapel

Within the context of tolerance and freedom of belief, Caxton College also offers religious support from a Priest and pupils wishing to take their First Communion at school can do so as catechism is given prior to these Sacraments. These events take place in the school chapel.

11 Library

The Library contains more than 30.000 references in both Spanish and English (publications and multimedia software) including books and material in other languages as well as general references publications.Pupils are allowed to borrow books and other material as well as use the library as a study area.

12 Primary Building

This stand-alone building is host to the Primary School classrooms an is totally separated from the Secondary building. All classrooms are equipped with the latest technology and the complex also includes special music and I.T. rooms as well as its own recreational and sports areas.

13 Infant School Building

The youngest pupils (from 1 to 4 years of age) have their own space at school. Pupils enjoy learning a second language in the safe, purpose-built classrooms, playing in the playgrounds and in summer in the padding pool.

14 Kitchen, Dining Room

At Caxton College, food is prepared on the premises every day for all of our pupils and employees, with two spacious dining rooms where the dinner ladies encourage students to eat a balanced diet. In addition, primary students receive good manners lessons in a special dining room. On the floor above the dining area there is a section of the school dedicated to extracurricular activities such as ballet, chess, Chinese art, etc.

15 Sports Hall

This large sports hall allows pupils to practice a wide variety of sports.

16 Primary Sports Areas

Three spacious, multi-purpose sports areas from the sports areas for Primary student (Years 1-6) where they play tennis, football, basketball, etc.

17 Swimming Pools

Caxton College has a garden area where the outdoor swimming pools are located. One of these is semi-Olympic and the other is for infants, each with their own changing rooms. The school also has padding pool for our youngest students and an indoor heated pool in the Caxton Sport Centre.

18 Primary Playground

This is the recreational area for Primary students where pupils can enjoy the fresh air while playing on the on climbing frames and equipment, all of which conforms to the strictest safety rules.

  • 1 Main Entrances / Bus Parking
  • 2 General Reception / Uniform Shop
  • 3 Medical Centre
  • 4 Secondary Building
  • 5 Caxton Sports Centre
  • 6 Football Pitch
  • 7 Sports Areas
  • 8 Paddle Court and "Chopera" playground
  • 9 Theatre
  • 10 Chapel
  • 11 Library
  • 12 Primary Building
  • 13 Infant School Building
  • 14 Kitchen, Dining Room
  • 15 Sports Hall
  • 16 Primary Sports Areas
  • 17 Swimming Pools
  • 18 Primary Playground

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