"Leadership is firmly focused on pupils’ progress and their learning experiences and includes all members of staff. The whole Caxton College community is committed to every pupil’s success in learning."

Extract from the report written by the academic inspectors who awarded Caxton College with the prestigious BSO certificate, obtaining the highest rating of 'Outstanding"

Caxton College is a mixed private school, situated in Valencia on the Mediterranean coast, offering a complete education to students between 1 and 18 years of age.  It was founded in 1987 by the Gil-Marqués family, with the aim of providing Valencia with a School for both local and international children who want to study the British National Curriculum in a multicultural environment, following the British curriculum.

The school was awarded certification as a British School Overseas, with the highest possible mark of “Outstanding” in all areas, after a voluntary inspection carried out by Cambridge Education and NABSS (National Association of British Schools in Spain).

Our involvement with each of our students and our concern for their future are crucial to their overall education. All of our students receive strong academic guidance and are also taught good fellowship, support for those less fortunate, good social behaviour and to question the world around them, all within a framework combining the British and Spanish cultures.

Most of the students at Caxton College are Spanish.  However, an increasingly large percentage is international, with 20% of our student body currently coming from overseas.  Many of these international students live with their own families, while others board with host families.

80% of our teaching staff is British, and their subjects from the British Curriculum are taught in English.  The rest are Spanish, and are responsible for subjects such as Spanish, Valencian, Social Sciences and Religion.

We would encourage you to take a closer look at our web page, to find out more details about the school.  If you would like to take it a step further, we would be delighted to give you a guided tour of the school, so that you can appreciate the true spirit of Caxton College, a large school with a family feel.

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