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The enrolment period for study abroad in 2023 / 2024 is preferebly  between 1 and 31 October, although applications can still be made after this period.


As a British school we know the intricacies of the British education system. We work with a wide selection of prestigious schools with a high percentage of boarding students, that offer an extensive variety of activities after school and at the weekend. To make this selection we have based ourselves on the experiences of our students and visiting the centers personally.

Having a full picture of your child’s academic and personal profile means that we can find the right boarding school for them.  We also help families throughout the admission and enrollment process.

Throughout the student’s stay we are in contact with the boarding school to ensure the student’s well-being and to monitor their academic progress.

During the stay, the student will maintain contact with their Caxton College teachers through Google Classroom so that they can follow the subjects that they will not take abroad such as Social Studies and Spanish Language.

Families of students studying Year 9 overseas will receive advice from Caxton College staff on how to choose their IGCSE options  for Year 10.

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Studying in the UK ensures that your child continues to follow the same curriculum as Caxton College.


British boarding schools offer the possibility of studying with native and international students of the same age. This enables students to be fully immersed in English language thus improving their linguistic performance.

We work with schools that offer a wide range of activities, trips and social events so that boarders have a fun-filled time overseas.


In the UK it is a legal requirement for foreign students under the age of 18 to have a legal guardian who lives in the UK.

We work with various professional guardianship companies that offer the following services:

  • Assistance in the process of joining the school (uniform, extracurricular activities…)
  • Logistical support in transfers and trips.
  • 24 hour emergency.
  • Reception during the exeats*


Most schools in England have compulsory weekends off, these periods are called “exeats”. This means that the school closes completely for two nights, usually on a Friday and a Saturday, and all boarding students must leave the boarding school and stay with their guardians or families.

We have a selection of schools which offer accommodation at school during exeat weekends for families who prefer their child to remain onsite.


If your child will be staying for more than one term, Caxton Abroad helps families with the Visa application,

Studying in Switzerland offers the possibility of following the British curriculum with the benefit of living in a French-speaking environment as well as studying French at school.


Swiss boarding schools offer the possibility of studying with native and international students of the same age. This option offers immersion in both French and English.

Our Swiss boarding school also have an extensive range of activities, trips and social events for boarders.

We are currently developing our offer of boarding schools in other countries. Please, do not hesitate to send us your requests for our consideration.

However, we would always encourage students who are looking to study abroad to remain in a British international school to ensure they are following the same curriculum that we are following here and it keeps the students on track for their return to Caxton having not missed large amounts of work.

We advise parents that it is certainly our recommendation that students remain in the British education curriculum and parents must be aware of the issues if they decide to send students to a non-British educated school.

Students would still need to sit the end of year exams and pass the exams in order to progress to the next academic year. Students who miss a term of work in a non-British school would need to ensure they have caught up on the work missed during a term away and this is the responsibility of the student

Students would be expected to maintain a high level of English when they are away as they return to a fully British curriculum. It is important that parents and students are aware of the need to keep a high level of English as they would return to the British system.

We have had students take part in such programmes in the past and who have integrated back to Caxton without any issues, however it is important that parents are aware of the possible implications of studying in a non-British school as mentioned above.

El primer paso para cualquier petición de alumnos del colegio, sea o no gestionada por Caxton College, consiste en rellenar el formulario que encontrarán a continuación.

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