Discover Us, Experience Us & Be Us

At Caxton College we know that choosing the right school for your child´s learning journey is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. To assist you in the decision-making process we have developed an induction programme Discover Us, Experience Us y Be Us for children and parents.

Our aim is to give you and your child a real flavour and insight into the exciting educational opportunities that result in your child discovering a love for learning from a very early age, in a play-based environment where they learn through direct, first-hand experiences whilst also connecting with nature in our extensive outdoor facilities. In addition, by discovering more about school your child will feel more secure and therefore more willing to learn and grow.

If you haven´t already done so, please feel free to book an onsite or online tour with our admissions department to see what a wonderful place Caxton College is to learn.

Discover Us, Experience Us & Be Us 2023-2024



NEWSLETTER “The excitement of the first day

A glimpse of the joy, excitement and rekindling of friendships that pupils experience when they go back to school.




NEWSLETTER “From Start to Finish

How our little ones are adapting to school and the excellent academic achievements of our older ones.




NEWSLETTER “What about Co-curricular Activities?

A wide range of options to satisfy curiosity, experience new things and discover unexpected hobbies.



NEWSLETTER “Sustainable and Charitable Christmas”

We share some eco-Christmas projects that promote the values of the school.



NEWSLETTER “Cultivating Healthy Habits

Sowing, cultivating and harvesting… learning to take care of the garden and develop healthy eating habits.



TALK Guest speaker: children’s specialist

Come and listen to an expert talk about the early years of childhood.


6 March


TALK “Why CAxton?”

A discussion of Caxton College’s unique learning system, born of creativity and developed through play and experimentation.


12 April

14:30 a 16:15h

WORKSHOP “Read and Travel”

Awaken your child’s passion for reading with the fascinating adventure “We All Go Travelling By”. They will also be able to experience their first school bus trip as a family.


8 May

15:15 a 16:15h

WORKSHOP “The Five Senses”

Join your child in a sensory session where they will learn to relax through breathing, their sense of touch and music. It will be followed by a delicious snack in the children’s dining room.


27 & 28 May

10 a 11h

WORKSHOP “My First Morning”

Enjoy with your child the unforgettable experience of spending a typical morning at Caxton College.


10 June


TALK Ready, set… Go!”

Resolve all of your queries in an informative meeting with our coordinators and infant school teachers

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