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At Caxton College we know that choosing the right school for your child´s learning journey is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. To assist you in the decision-making process we have developed an induction programme, Stepping Up, for children and parents.

Our aim is to give you and your child a real flavour and insight into the exciting educational opportunities that result in your child discovering a love for learning from a very early age, in a play-based environment where they learn through direct, first-hand experiences whilst also connecting with nature in our extensive outdoor facilities. In addition, by discovering more about school your child will feel more secure and therefore more willing to learn and grow.

The Stepping Up events provide a wealth of information and opportunities to help you and your child to prepare for school and life at Caxton College.  The events include an interactive webinar with our Early Years teachers and leaders where you will learn about the children’s day to day at school, as well as fun classes with our Early Years Music and Sports specialists and even a typical morning at school.

If you haven´t already done so, please feel free to book an onsite or online tour with our admissions department to see what a wonderful place Caxton College is to learn.

Calendario de eventos Stepping Up 2022-2023


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At the School

12 September

NEWSLETTER “The Excitement of the First Day”

Our first day back video oers a glimpse into the joy and excitement of our students meeting up with their friends and teachers on their return to school , as well as the warm welcome given to our new students from the whole school community.

25 November

NEWSLETTER “Natural Curiosity”

We show you how our little ones learn through experiences and emotions in a magical learning environment that includes fascinating adventures with bears, pirates, dinosaurs…..

22 December

NEWSLETTER “Christmas Time

We bid the first term farewell with some captivating activities at our children’s favourite time of the year,

3 February


DISCOVERY “The Magic of Music”

We are looking forward to showing you and your child how musical education provides innumerable benefits for brain development, health and happiness. Our music teacher Mr Taylor, with his famous saxophone, will add the rhythm to this session.

8 March


Talk “The Advantages of the Creative British Early Years Curriculum”

This talk will give you a real flavour for our creative, play-based programme, as well as explain the benefits of the British curriculum which includes many of the best aspects of current educational philosophies.
Ms Marta Gil (Vice Principal), Ms Stenhouse (Head of Primary), Ms Fraser (Heady of Early Years), Ms Algaba (Baby Caxton Coordinator).

31 March


DISCOVERY “Story Time”

Reading stories is undoubtedly one of the best ways to help develop our children’s communication skills. Before this event begins, we will be oering families who are considering using school transport the opportunity to board a bus and hear more about this service.

5 May


DISCOVERY “Taking care of our body and mind”

In this session we will be introducing you to the first steps of our Social and Emotional
Integration programme where we learn how to relax through breathing. We finish with a delicious snack in the Early Years dining room together with some adorable guests.

2 June


TALK “My First Morning at School

We hope that you and your child will join us for a taste of a typical morning in Nursery and Baby Caxton.

12 June


TALK “Preparing my Child for School”

We will explain everything you need to know about the day to day of Baby Caxton and Nursery and how you can prepare your child for starting school in September. Ms Marta Gil (Vice Principal), Early Years’ teachers and Heads.

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