Pupils must always wear the full uniform. All of these items are sold at the school shop.

All items of uniform should be labelled with pupil’s names to avoid any confusion and loss.

Pupils must leave school wearing their full uniform even when taking the bus.

Pupils should wear a full, clean and tidy uniform at all times.

An incomplete uniform or one which is worn incorrectly (e.g. shirt un-tucked or polo shirt without the school emblem) will result in the student obtaining a low level.

We strongly recommend that all pupils refrain from wearing accessories or items of jewellery which are expensive or of sentimental value in case such items go missing. These rules should also apply to the PE kit.

Uniforme de verano de Caxton College

  • Short sleeved Caxton polo shirt
  • Tartan patterned skirt (girls)
  • Navy-blue bermuda-length short trousers (boys)
  • Navy-blue socks
  • Navy-blue shoes
 Winter Uniform (from November to Easter)

  • Tartan patterned skirt (girls)
  • Navy-blue trousers (boys and girls)
  • Long sleeved white shirt
  • Navy-blue jumper or cardigan
  • Striped tie (boys)
  • Navy-blue socks or tights
  • Navy-blue shoes

  • Red Caxton short sleeved T-shirt
  • Black Caxton shorts (summer)
  • Caxton College tracksuit (winter)
  • Sports footwear
  • White sport socks
  • Dark blue trousers that are not the Caxton College model.
  • Any kind of make-up
  • Varnished/polished fingernails
  • Facial or bodily piercings
  • Hair dyed bright colours
  • Visible, casual clothing (e.g. brightly coloured T-shirts under shirt, sweatshirts, etc)
  • Skirts above the knee
  • Boys: shaven head, long hair/ponytails or earrings

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