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Sport Campus - Music Campus – Dance Campus

Sport Campus: Swimming, Basket & Judo

From Reception to Year 6

Children will practice these three sports disciplines throughout the day.

Swimming lessons will be directed by José Leal, coordinator and coach of our swimming extracurricular activity. José will develop a very dynamic program for the four days.

Judo and basketball training sessions will be led by David Fernandez who, in addition of being our international judo coach, also dominates the sport of basketball.

Music Campus

From Year 2 to Year 6

Students will enjoy practical lessons in which they will live music from different perspectives. They will assimilate rhythms and intonations with percussion instruments and keyboards. They will know how an orchestra Works and how some musical instruments are built, they will also practice songs from soundtracks of children’s films…and much more!

Dance Campus

From Year 2 to Year 6

Our after-school extracurricular dance teacher, Jonathan Feliz will be in charge of organizing some very entertaining classes where the students will learn basic movements of body expression and rhythm adaptation, as well as feet and arms coordination by working on choreographies and performing dance battles…all with a very focused creative approach.


Route would be available through the Gran Vías of Valencia, as long as there is a minimum number of students who request it.

Material needed

Music Campus

Children who have a musical instrument must bring it. They will also need to bring morning snack.

Sports Campus

Children will need clothing and sports shoes, swimming towel, swimsuit, hat and non-slip socks. They will also need to bring morning snack.

Urban Dance Campus

Clothing and sports shoes. They will also need to bring morning snack.


130€ - Includes lunch and an afternoon snack.

It is not allowed to get registered for single days.

If you are passionate about Robotics, we recommend the Easter Campus of Tecnoeduca, the school's collaborating center, who will apply a 10% discount if you are a Caxton College student (only in the packs).

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