Good tips

This section includes a series of recommendations that can be of great help to us in these unusual days. Tips related to health, family life, behaviour, and many other aspects that are worth keeping in mind.

Mental and emotional exhaustion take their toll on parents. What can we do to improve the atmosphere at home?

Cristina Pérez, Secondary School psychologist, gives us some advice on how to improve the family mood.

More mature children after the confinement

Silvia Sanchis, Primary School psychologist, gives us some advice on how to talk to our children about the many skills they have improved during the lockdown. They deserve this recognition.

Educate in individual responsibility

We are currently experiencing a historical moment where the impact of the individual responsibility that we show now will have a lasting effect on our future.

Tips to motivate our children to improve their study skills during their home learning period.

Cristina Pérez, Secondary School psychologist, gives us some advice on how to keep a high degree of motivation among students so that they can achieve their academic goals, despite the impossibility of attending face-to-face lessons.

Can confinement allow us to develop our children's resilience?

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We recommend that you take some minutes to read this new post on our school blog, written by Cristina Pérez, Secondary School Psychologist, on the value of resilience.

Back to school post COVID-19

The only thing that children need to assimilate new situations is to anticipate them via a simple explanation, adapted to their language and social context, as well as having time to practice the new behaviours that the situation requires so that these become routine.

Can we foster critical thinking in our children so that they can identify the hoaxes and fake news that circulate on the Internet?

With the help of Cristina Pérez, our psychologist from the Secondary Education Psychopedagogical Department, we invite you to read this post on how to become “detectives” to debunk Internet lies.

We can go out now!

The long-awaited moment of being able to go outside with the children has arrived. So, Silvia Sanichis, our Primary school psychologist has prepared a series of guidelines to help us over any adversities related to this new phase.

Covid-19. Guide for parents of adolescents

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How can we avoid screen addiction among children during confinement?

One of the biggest challenges we are facing these days from home is to keep screen time under control. Cristina Pérez, from our Secondary Psychopedagogy Department, shares some advice in this regard.

How to talk to your children about Coronavirus

Cristina Pérez, our Secondary School Psychologist, share with us some tips to help us manage the day to day of a situation as unprecedented as the one we are going through.

Healthy Eating Tips

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Family life in times of pandemic. How to preserve self-control and manage conflict

In these times of confinement, we must be prepared to face the conflicts that arise with our children at one point or another, as they are also trying to adapt to this new situation without having the self-control strategies that an adult is supposed to have. Here are some guidelines from the school Primary Psychologist Silvia Sanchis,

Work and autonomy

Silvia Sanchis, Primary Psychologist, would like to share with you some guidelines to help transform your child demand for attention in reasonable autonomy.

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