#sustainablecaxton at home

From home, our students continue carrying out actions that demonstrate their commitment towards a more sustainable world. The Ecowarriors team, which leads these initiatives in the school, is also very active these days and continues to share with us ideas that are quickly adopted by the rest of the students.

Do not miss the eco-tips from Ms Benjamin and the eco-warriors to be more sustainable at home!

To celebrate World Environmet Day, Ms Benjamin and the Eco-Warriors reminds us why biodiversity is important

Amazing works done by our school Eco-Warriors to celebrate World Oceans Day and to give us awareness of the plastic problem in the oceans

To celebrate Earth Day Ms Benjamin has prepared a presentation about what it is and how we can get involved.


Nichy H. (Year 4) has designed this fantastic poster to commenorate such an important day!

Thank you Julia for sharing from home with us your "eco-time"


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