Taking Care

We hope that all our students continue to keep their healthy habits so that, when we return to our usual activities, they are fully active and fit. We love to share tips with our educational community!

Health & Nutrition

Year 7 pupils have prepared some videos with tips regarding healthy food and eating. They were part of a project for Personal Development.

Here is our weekly cooking challenge! Recipes from the school chef that pupils love!

Healthy tip: mix pasta and vegetables! This way, the amount of pasta is reduced (as well as the calories). Besides, you get fibre, colours, vitamins and minerals. Tasty!

Our oldest students have asked for a tasty, fully-flavoured dish that is really delicious: chicken curry. Curry is a mixture of different spices: turmeric, black pepper, coriander, cumin, clove, ginger, mustard… and is very benefitial for our health. A simple recipe with an amazing result!

A creamy leek soup you can enjoy all year round. The main benefits of this soup are its nutritional value and refreshing effect. Leek, the main ingredient, has diuretic properties and is rich in fiber and minerals.

Lentils are an important natural source of iron.
To help improve iron absorption, always add Vitamin C:
– cook them with onion and carrots
– add vinegar to the lentils
– choose citrus fruits for dessert, like orange or kiwi
Also, try to avoid having dairy together with lentils, as they interfere with  iron absorption

Let’s play while we eat! We will prepare a complete and balanced dish including protein and vegetables. Each member of the family will prepare their own pasta salad, but the rules are: choose 1 or 2 proteins and 3 or more vegetables or fruit. Who can make the best salad?

A very nutritious dish that includes protein, carbohydrates, and vegetables. You may add a salad full of ingredients of different colours, and you’ll make it even better!  This recipe tastes equally good if you use chicken instead of turkey.

Another mix of vegetables that is refreshing and hydrating. It is high in fibre, vitamins, minerals and healthy fats.

A delicious Easter recipe for you to try: Chickpeas with spinach.
Chickpeas are very nutritionally rich. They are a source of slowly absorbed carbohydrates, which prevent the imbalance of sugar levels and generate constant energy.
They are rich in vegetable protein which contains almost all essential amino acids. They are also rich in fibre, minerals, iron and vitamins, and low in saturated fat.
An interesting fact: If you combine chickpeas with cereals (rice, couscous, buckwheat …) their protein quality increases.

The delicious Valencian oven-baked rice or arròs al forn, a fantastic rice recipe! This can be our main dish, which we can complement with a nice, tasty salad.

Apple Crumble is a delicious English dessert; a very simple recipe full of contrasting sensations that make it unique!

Eating all these vegetables will mean optimal health for our little ones, as they provide nutrients that will allow them to grow healthy and strong.  They are rich in fiber, minerals and in vitamins A, B, C, D and E, and will help us fight infections such as colds, flu, viruses…  For example, eating carrots helps improve eyesight and is good for our skin and teeth. The perfect vegetable for our children!


Vegetables can be classified according to their colour. Each colour corresponds to different healthy properties:

  1. WHITE: anti-inflammatory
  2. YELLOW: antioxidant
  3. ORANGE: immune system booster
  4. RED: cancer-fighting
  5. GREEN: defense booster
  6. PURPLE: antiaging

This really healthy recipe consists of fresh produce, with lots of nutritional benefits and vitamins to help us look after ourselves.

Pisto goes great with fish, eggs, meat… perfect for filling empanadillas or preparing a tasty quiche with thin dough.

These biscuits are delicious and easy to cook, and are a lot healthier alternative to industrial bakery.

Paella is a traditional dish to enjoy with the family. We are going to try a fabulous vegetable paella, that is very simple to prepare, tastes delicious and includes all the benefits of the vegetables that we put in it.

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