Conference by Mar Romera


Mar Romera has more than 30 years of teaching experience at all ages, from early years to primary, special education, secondary, vocational and university level education. She has become one of the top experts on emotional intelligence in Spanish education, holding degrees in education and psychology as well as providing professional development for teachers throughout Spain. She also advises schools throughout the country regarding implementation of innovative programmes. She is a noted speaker at many courses, seminars and conferences and has published several books.


The lines on which a person’s story is written should always be admiration and love. The threads of the story of life are interwoven upon them. There are no detailed instructions, only suggestions gleaned from science and experience. On 8 February, we will have the opportunity to respectfully share some of these practical recommendations, in the knowledge that the challenge for this century is to ‘feel whilst thinking and think whilst feeling’.

‘In order to learn, a child must feel admired’. Mar Romera

  • Date: 8 February at 5:30pm (duration 1 hour 30 minutes)
  • Location: Theatre at Caxton College – free parking
  • Limited seating. Registration is free of charge.

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