Curricular Enrichment

Learning is reinforced and enriched with a wide range of experiences for children, both in and outside of school.  The children enjoy excursions to attractive destinations including farms or castles, and receive visits from professionals in different sectors such as policemen, doctors, writers and many more.

These real-life experiences, as a complement to the education offered by Caxton College, are an exceptional way of enriching our children’s development.

Special Days

Outdoor Learning






Our speakers


Professor Tom Bennett

Highlights of the talk given by Professor Tom Bennett during  our 2nd Forum on Educational Innovation, titled ‘The Teaching Revolution: Education based on evidence, not superstition’.

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Professor Bob Lenz

We would like to share a few of the highlights of the talk given by Professor Bob Lenz from the U.S., which took place at the 1st Forum on Innovation in Education organised by the school in collaboration with La Caixa Foundation.

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Fernando García-Sala

The renowned paediatrician gave a talk on the importance of correct nutrition during childhood.

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