The link between nature and learning is considered to be an enormously important factor in the intellectual and emotional development of a child.  To this end, part of our daily teaching routine takes place in our “open air classrooms”, where our children can enjoy a healthy relationship with the environment, while learning in a stimulating setting.

Play is the main way that children discover the world around them. Therefore, we have created different areas of creative learning, both indoors and out, to encourage them to investigate, become independent and learn to cooperate with other children.

In this way, by playing with sand, water or foam, the children can discover mathematics, natural sciences, reading, writing, the arts, physical exercise and many other disciplines that form part of this inner and outer journey; one in which their teachers guide the children to keep trying, concentrate and apply critical thinking.

A dining room designed specifically for students of this age ensures a warm, comfortable environment.  There, under the constant supervision of our specialised professionals, the children learn healthy eating habits while their maturity and independence regarding food is fostered.

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