Psychologist and Special Education Needs

The school psychologist works closely with the Early Years teachers and the dedicated specialists.  The aim at this stage is to observe the development of the child in all areas, and provide the necessary support so that this development takes place in the most balanced way possible.

We have a team of dedicated staff led by Ms Silvia Sanchis.

  • Mary Jordan, our SENCO (Special Educational Needs Coordinator)
  • Ms Marta Albert, the Speech Therapist.
  • Ms Juie Cox, Sensory and emotional integration.
  • Amee Patrick, psicologist.

They work closely with teachers, teaching assistants and support teachers to help pupils with additional needs. This may be through supporting or extending them in class, or working with pupils who have difficulties with speech and language, fine or gross motor skills or the acquisition of English or Maths skills. Ms Sanchis and her team continually review children’s academic and social progress with the class teachers to ensure the right children are receiving the correct support.

Parents will always be informed if their child is receiving support, and regular meetings are held to discuss the child’s specific targets, the support given and the progress made. As well as providing support, the department also carries out diagnostic tasks and gives educational advice and termly talks to parents as part of our ‘Parent School’ which aims to promote good educational practices.

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