Reporting to Parents

Children in Baby Caxton, Nursery and Reception are assessed continuously by the teacher and assistant through structured observations, asking questions, or by completing small group or individual tasks.

In Early Years, reports for parents are based on the seven areas of learning in the EYFS Framework: Communication and Language; Physical development; Personal, Social and Emotional development; Literacy; Mathematics; Understanding of the World around them; and Expressive Arts and Design.

There are two official parent meetings during the school year, although the teacher may organise further meetings if necessary. Parents are welcome to arrange a meeting with the teacher should they have any worries or questions at any time during the school year.



Written reports are sent home at the end of each term for all pupils and are based on the learning objectives from the EYFS Framework. Children develop their skills, knowledge and comprehension in order to ease the transition into the following stage.

The report includes the specific objectives that have been covered during the term.  Depending on the children’s attainment, each objective will appear below one of two headings, as follows:

  • I am developing as expected in
  • I will further develop in

The second heading will only appear when there are objectives that have not yet been reached. It is important to remember that all children develop at different rates.  Some parents may choose to work on these objectives at home. If children are identified as needing extra support at any point in the school year, you will be contacted, and a meeting arranged with the class teacher.

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