Healthy Christmas


Healthy Christmas

From 27 to 30 December · From 10:00am to 5:00pm · For children aged 4 to 11

We're offering two fun programmes for you to choose your favourite!

Discovery Camp

Programme 1 – Art

  • In this edition of Healthy Christmas we would like to contribute to sustainable development and help the children become more aware of the importance of recycling and reusing, showing them that Art can be created from any kind of material.
  • We will work to develop all of the artistic disciplines through the premise of reusing and transforming different materials, both natural and artificial.
  • Children can get excited about creating Christmas-themed projects and becoming true authors of their own work.
  • We’ll create a magical environment where cardboard tubes will turn into beautiful flowers or crowns. We will recycle paper to make garlands. Pine cones will turn into Christmas trees and rocks into delightful paperweights portraying different characters.
  • All activities will be coordinated by the artists and Extracurricular Art teachers Inmaculada Martínez and Cristina González.
Discovery Camp en Caxton College. Verano artístico y científico. Trabajando arcilla
Caxton College british school

Programme 2 – Sports

  • Children will enjoy individual sports (athletics, badminton and ping pong) and team sports (basketball, football and volleyball).
  • Además, descubriremos nuevos deportes como el colpbol o el frisbee. ¡Que no te lo cuenten!
  • Our experienced Basketball Team Coaches: Anabel Mateo (former player for NBF de Castelló) and Piluca Alonso (former pro player and Eurobasket gold medallist with the Spanish women’s team) will stimulate the players’ athletic abilities.
Healthy Christmas

And we'll even learn to do MAGIC with the magician Alfonso Bravo

Children will learn about different kinds of magic combined with humour: ‘customagic’, rope magic, mentalism… and they’ll enjoy a magical gala with their families!

Bus transport and fees

  • Bus transport is available along the Gran Vía in Valencia. Click here to see the stops on the route
  • Fee: €220
  • Check the timetable

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