Healthy Easter

Healthy Easter

A programme for every age - from 11 to 14 April

Campus de pascua Caxton College

At Caxton!

Art, aquatic games, sport and magic!

For children born between 2015 & 2019

Every day from 9:30am to 5:00pm

    • Through Art, young children are able to gain self-confidence during the artistic creation process as they see what they are capable of. They learn values such as effort and dedication. Children are able to develop these and many other skills in our Easter Camp through fun activities around the topic of Easter.
    • Aquatic Games will improve children’s overall coordination, cardiovascular activity, feelings of confidence and affection, intellect and social relationships. Our indoor pool ensures lots of opportunities for fun!
    • Through Sport Activities children will be introduced to a number of different individual and team sports.
    • Magic Activities open up a universe of fun and discovery where children will learn the importance of sharing knowledge in order to connect with others in a different way. (This activity is not offered for children born in 2019.)
    • School bus transport along the Gran Vía in Valencia for a minimum number of children requesting the service.
Campus de pascua Caxton College

At Calvestra!

Art or Sport and lots of surprises!

For children born between 2011 & 2014

Departure 11 April at 8:30am and return 14 April at 5:00pm

    • At this Centre for Leisure and Rural Tourism in Requena, children will choose between Art or Sport. A team of instructors and coaches from Caxton College will accompany children, who will enjoy all of the activities in natural surroundings. Accommodation will be in cabins and a variety of fun activities will be offered including a zip-line, climbing wall, evening dances and lots more!
    • Art: We will link the Art activity with nature in order to take full advantage of the beautiful natural surroundings in Calvestra. Children will have the opportunity to paint and draw landscapes, use natural elements in their artistic creations and even become true naturalists by creating their own field notebook. Creating whilst respecting and caring for the environment will be our principal aim.
    • Sport: we will aim for maximum enjoyment whilst stimulating coordination and sporting values in individual as well as team sports, promoting cooperation among teammates and new friendships. Everyone will have a great time!

*This option will take place depending on the number of enrolments.


  • At Caxton College: €220/child
  • At Calvestra: €350/child

Look at what a good time we had in previous years!

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