4th Forum for Innovation in Education

José María Bermúdez de Castro

Aware of the importance of implementing the best educational strategies in our classrooms, we have organised another edition of our annual Forum of Innovation in Education in order to learn from specialists in a variety of different areas related to thinking.

In this 4th Forum, which will take place on Thursday, 2nd April at 7:00pm at the Fundación Bancaja, the speaker will be the palaeontologist and Professor of Research at the Spanish National Research Council, Professor José Mª Bermúdez de Castro, Co-director and Chief Researcher at the Archaeological Site of Atapuerca. For his valuable palaeontological discoveries, two decades ago he received a Prince of Asturias Award in Scientific Research.

‘It is essential to understand the brain’s biological characteristics, as well as the changes in cognitive ability and in the human mind, before entering into any debate about the best education that we can offer our children’. With this assertion, Professor Bermúdez de Castro’s seminar will attempt to give guidelines that we can follow to continue providing our pupils with the best educational methods.

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