Old Caxtonians

We would like you to be part of this new platform with which we want to help you develop your professional and social network. The Association has two lines of action:

1- Old Caxtonian Association Junior members (OCAJ): Those graduated after 2010 (aged under 27). These will benefit from a variety of social activities during the year to keep them in contact with the  Alumni and Caxton Community.

2- Old Caxtonian Association Professional members (OCAP): Those graduated before 2010 (aged over 27). These will benefit from a variety of activities which include not only social but also professional networking events as well as Shadowing & Mentoring Programs.

If as an Old Caxtonian you are interested in further information and become member of the association, please join our Linkedin.

The first initiative of the Association for OCAP members took place in the school on October 25th, 2019, under the title “Connecting Talent”. You can read the news about this first networking event and have a look to the image gallery. Enjoy this short video of the event!


At school we have some amazing members of staff who attended Caxton College for all or part of their education, and they wished to share with everyone the legacy that the school left them on a professional level. We are so happy to have you working with us!


If you’re an Old Caxtonian, don’t miss this video with messages for you from some of our longtime Primary and Secondary teachers and members of non-teaching departments, as well as from our Principal, Amparo Gil and our Vice Principal, Marta Gil.


Great achievements all over the world

We love keeping in touch with our former students, finding out where they are and what they are doing. If you want to see the academic and professional achievements of our Old Caxtonians, click on the map below.

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