Curricular Enrichment

Childhood is precious and should be filled with awe and wonder to fully engage young minds. We provide pupils with many opportunities to enjoy a wider experience of learning both in and outside of school. The children enjoy excursions to attractive destinations including a range of museums, government buildings, the Botanic Gardens and the Bioparc.

The also receive visits from a variety of professionals including authors, historians, an actress, and many more.  All year groups (except Year 4) prepare and perform a concert which shows off the pupils’ talents. They sing, dance, play musical instruments, act, rap and perform poetry! They also participate in assemblies and perform for other year groups.

During the year there are opportunities to come together and we celebrate International Day, Fallas and World Book Day as a whole school. Other special days are organised including Roman Day, Greek Olympics, Superhero Day and Ancient Egyptians! Children also buddy up with other year groups to celebrate work, share reading and stories and complete projects together. These real-life experiences, as a complement to the education offered by Caxton College, are an exceptional way of enhancing our pupils’ all round development.

Unfortunately many of these enrichment opportunities have had to be altered until the health situation improves.

Special Days









Ismael Martínez

The Valencian nutritionist Ismael Martínez came to give a talk called ‘Well-fed child, strong adult’ for pupils in Year 3 to 6. His message was very clear: eat a balanced diet and do sport activity every day in order to lead a healthy lifestyle.

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Josvi Muñoz

Video of our International Music Day celebration with the renowned jazz musician Josvi Muñoz, a graduate of the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston.

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Enrique Palomares

Enrique Palomares, Valencia Orchestra´s lead violinist, celebrated International Music Day with us.

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Olympic Heroes

Spanish Olympic Committee and the Trinidad Alfonso Foundation

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Manuel Toharia

Manuel Toharia is a renowned scientist currently working as the Director of the Príncipe Felipe Museum in Valencia.

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Santiago Posteguillo

Santiago Posteguillo is a linguist and a professor at the University Jaume I in Castellón, as well as a writer: he is the renowned author of two trilogies: Trajano and Escipión.

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Yaron Traub

Yaron Traub is a pianist and the Director of the Valencian Orchestra at the Palau de la Música.

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Nidita Guerrero

Nidita Guerrero is President of UNICEF of Valencia

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