During the year, pupils attend various assemblies including:

  • Year Group Assemblies – these are held weekly and activities include singing, story-telling, work on the current core value and SEAL topic and the Star of the Week certificates are awarded.
  • SEAL Assemblies – these are held in the theatre to look at and discuss the core value and SEAL topic being worked on.  It usually involves a thought provoking story or video and encourages pupils to think and reflect on their behaviour and the consequence of their actions.
  • Year 3 – 6 House Assemblies – these assemblies are for all pupils in Years 3 -6.  Points are totalled and the winner of the month is announced.  A year group of department leads the assembly along with Mr Feasey, who is responsible for the House System in Primary.
  • End of Term Assemblies – these take place at the end of each term to celebrate achievement and effort with three children per class awarded with a special certificate.  We are lucky enough to have the Primary Choir join us and perform during the assembly and always finish with everyone singing the Caxton School Song!


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