As one of our main aims is for all pupils to come to school happily, we strive to provide a caring and supportive atmosphere which allows each child to flourish and reach their potential.  PSHE helps to give the knowledge, skills and understanding they need to be successful in life. They develop into active, confident, healthy, independent, responsible and well informed citizens. They are encouraged to participate in the wider part of school life to develop our community spirit.  

We have developed our own Social, Emotional Aspects of Learning (SEAL) program which is linked to our six Core Values.  Children learn to respect others, deal with conflict, be resilient and understand that making mistakes in an integral part of learning.  The programme helps children develop self-esteem, which has a positive impact on their learning and everyday lives.

Our programme of study is also complemented by Key Stage Assemblies, House Assemblies, using Class dojo as a reward system, Buddy activities throughout the school and responsibility posts for our older pupils.

Children also take part in Mindfulness activities as research shows it can improve attention, self-control, emotional resilience and memory.  These sessions are delivered by class teachers, videos or during assembly times.

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