"The welfare, health and safety of pupils at Caxton College are excellent. This along with a well-integrated approach for the development of pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural awareness has a very positive impact on their learning and achievements."

Extract from the report written by the academic inspectors who awarded Caxton College with the prestigious BSO certificate, obtaining the highest rating of 'Outstanding"

At Caxton College we aim to offer an outstanding education and provide a happy, supportive and welcoming atmosphere for all pupils.

Our friendly, dedicated and qualified staff work alongside your child ensuring that they are at the heart of everything we do. Teachers are passionate about learning and are highly skilled in developing the whole child academically, emotionally and socially.

We offer a challenging, fun and stimulating creative curriculum and aspire to ensure that pupils are not only prepared for their future but also grow and develop into lifelong learners. Caxton College endeavors to provide:

Inspirational teaching
Excellent pastoral care
Diverse and purposeful enrichment activities
Exceptional facilities

In an increasingly global society core values, principles and beliefs are fundamental so we teach pupils about their human rights as well as the responsibilities they have as global citizens. Knowledge is obviously important but it is the core skills that pupils will draw upon most in their adult lives. As a generation who will have all the information in the world at their fingertips, our core skills are essential.

When our current Primary pupils finish their education the world will be a very different place. At Caxton College we strive to prepare all pupils for a fast changing world and have carefully designed our learning journey bearing this in mind. By the end of Primary our pupils:

  • Achieve excellent academic results
  • Know how to respect adults and peers, be well mannered and set a good example to our younger pupils
  • Understand the merits of pushing themselves to do their very best
  • Know what to do to keep themselves happy and healthy
  • Are ready to take on the challenges of Secondary and beyond!

I hope you you find the website informative and it gives you the opportunity explore our school and our passion for education.

Barbara Stenhouse


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Through an integrated, dynamic and cross-curricular approach that excludes the simple memorisation of facts, pupils are learn the essentials of subjects in order to be able to then reflect on them, carry out further research and analyse them critically, with the aim of achieving a thorough understanding.
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