LAMDA Public Speaking

This year students have the option to prepare for the external exam in public speaking set by LAMDA (The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art).

These lessons allow students to improve their communication and social skills. They will learn to speak clearly in public and practise body language techniques to address an audience.

The exam is given in the month of April by examiners of the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, who either travel from London to the school or conduct the exam via Google Meet.

Work Experience

In Year 11 students must complete a week of work experience as part of the requirements for the subject Career Skills. Also, in the Sixth Form, Caxton College offers its students the possibility to complete work experience in several departments within the school during the summer.

The aim of this work experience is for students to have a direct relationship with the professional world and for it to be useful to them when choosing a career.

Visiting Speakers

Throughout the school year our students enjoy special talks organised by a number of different experts in a variety of fields including Art, Business, Psychology, Science, Technology and many more with the aim to enhance our students’ learning experience and provide the opportunity for them to come into contact with real world professionals and examples of real life experiences.

Special Days

At Caxton College we aim to raise awareness of particular global issues by celebrating international days recognised by the United Nations and other international organisations: Human Rights Day, International Day for Development of Sport and Peace, World Book Day, Remembrance Day and many more.

This is reflected within the curriculum as the school organises educational campaigns with experience-based activities in association with some of these special days, to highlight further the importance and relevance of these issues in society whilst allowing time for reflection.


The school offers a number of opportunities for students to participate in external competitions, either as part of a team or individually, in different academic areas. Teachers encourage students to participate in these competitions, where they can acquire skills that will be very useful for their professional future.

One of these initiatives is the European Youth Parliament, where a group of students from different European countries meet periodically to analyse the current political situation; the Maths competition Jornadas Matemáticas allows students to demonstrate their skills in this subject; UK Bebras Computational Thinking Challenge aims to challenge students from more than forty countries with fun and creative computer programming tasks; the Olimpiada Nacional de Química focuses its attention on the knowledge of Chemistry; the Desafío Robot allows kids to craft and programme their own technological devices.

It should be noted that our students gain outstanding awards every year in these external competitions.


Our pupils have the opportunity to celebrate the end of each academic year outside of the school environment with trips that last from one night to a week away, either within Spain or abroad, depending on the student’s year group.

On these trips organised by the school, pupils develop different abilities, work together in a new environment and take on new challenges; but most of all, they learn to overcome any fears or uncertainties through these activities.

These trips are an incredible opportunity to improve personal skills such as independent learning, self-management, communication, teamwork, problem-solving and leadership qualities.

One of the most important tasks that the school undertakes is not only to guarantee the academic level of its pupils, but also to provide them with a broad curriculum that offers them ways to develop spiritually, morally, socially and culturally.

School Musical

Each year we give a performance of a well-known musical for children in order to raise funds which go toward one of the charities that we support, the Spanish chapter of the VHL Alliance (Alianza Española de Familias de von Hippel-Lindau).

This artistic initiative allows our Secondary students to demonstrate their talents and English language skills. In addition, it allows both students and adults to work together as a team.

Participating in such an enriching academic activity reinforces the students’ self-confidence, improves their communication skills and enhances their language skills. It also fosters creativity and develops empathy, emotional intelligence, responsibility and commitment in the student actors. Dramatic art is an incredibly fun activity that allows our pupils to form new bonds of friendship.


The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award

Pupils in Years 10, 11 and 12 have the option to participate in the competition known as the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award (Bronze, Silver and Gold). This is a personal development programme comprised of different levels where students complete activities and challenges to demonstrate their abilities to work as part of a team.


CREST Awards 

The CREST Awards have been running in the UK for over thirty years and are organised by the British Association for Science. Three levels (Bronze, Silver and Gold) are available to pupils of all ages.

CREST Awards allow our brightest Science pupils to work independently on a Science or Engineering project of their own choice, improving their enquiry, problem solving and communication skills. A CREST Award is highly prized: for example, it is the only science initiative recognized by UCAS for use in personal statements when applying to British Universities. At the moment Caxton College is the only school in Spain that runs a CREST Science club.

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Robotics Workshop

A Robotics Workshop built around the LEGO Mindstorms curriculum is offered to students in Year 10 and Year 11. In this workshop pupils develop their computational thinking skills as well as mechanical skills to build their own robots from scratch.

The Robotics club activities will encourage students to find solutions to problems that robots encounter every day in real life, preparing the participants for the ever-changing technological world they are inevitably immersed in. Apart from interschools competitions, this workshop also give students the opportunity to participate in the challenge “Desafío Robot”, which takes place every year in Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències in Valencia.

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