Caxton College is located in the Mediterranean region of Spain, allowing our students to use two of the most widely spoken languages in the world: English and Spanish. Living with one of the school’s host families gives students the opportunity to develop and mature in a unique environment that allows them to become responsible adults and gain access to the best universities in the world.

Caxton College has been offering homestay accommodation to students aged 11 and older since 1998. Host families are carefully selected and provide a safe and nurturing environment. To live with a Spanish family is to be immersed in the culture and lifestyle, a unique and enriching experience not to be missed.

Two options are offered:

Full Homestay Accommodation: the student stays with the host family for the entire term, including weekends

Weekly Homestay Accommodation: the student arrives at the host family on Sunday night and returns to their parents’ home on Friday after school



All of our host families are chosen through a rigorous selection process including interviews and visits to their homes. They are located in the town and residential areas near Caxton College, as well as in other nearby villages and in Valencia. We will endeavour to assign families according to the students’ preferences.

Host families’ homes are comfortable and pleasant. Students’ rooms are single and fully furnished, and internet access is available with all host families. All meals are provided by the families except for lunch on school days, which is provided by the school. The families also take care of cleaning and of the students’ laundry.

During the first few weeks in Spain, students may find that that the lifestyle is different from what they are used to, and that they will need to adapt to different meals, habits, climate and customs. Living with a Spanish host family ensures that the student will receive support and help in adapting to the new surroundings and lifestyle.


Caxton College’s aim is to make the students’ stay as pleasant as possible, ensuring that they are well looked after and integrated within the school and life in Valencia.

We hold regular meetings with students to check on their welfare and solve any problems that they may have. Host families are also asked to send regular reports on the progress of the student that they are hosting.

Communication with parents is one of our top priorities, and we value frequent contact. We send regular reports on their child’s progress in order to keep them informed.

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