Leadership and Volunteering

Promoting a charitable philosophy 

Development as a person is a priority at the school because it is fundamental to the future of the students. To this end, students from Year 7 to Year 11 attend a weekly session of ‘Personal Development‘: a time for reflection and for individual and group work, in which students follow a Values Education programme.

Caxton College’s curriculum is designed around the comprehensive education of our students, combining their academic successes with an education in values, teaching them to become people who respect themselves and others, as set forth in our School Philosophy.

We request the support of our families in encouraging positive behaviour among the pupils.

Charity Campaigns 

Solidarity with those less fortunate is essential in today’s world. For this reason, the school organises activities designed to promote this value among our students.

Throughout the school year, there are several charity campaigns that help to educate our students about issues such as world hunger or the lack of awareness of the world’s environmental problems.

At Christmas time, we organise campaigns for food donation as well as items for disadvantaged children. We also aim to increase the awareness of our students of issues such as social discrimination, world poverty, race relations, respect and care for our elders, recycling for environmental protection and wildlife conservation.

In order to carry out these campaigns, we work with various international organisations such as UNICEF, the WWF and Caritas, as well as organisations based in Spain such as Fundación GANAS, Asociación La Casa Grande, Fundación Asindown, La Casa Cuna Santa Isabel, ASPADIS, Fundación Solidaria TAI, Asociación Periferia, the Spanish chapter of the VHL Alliance (Von Hippel-Lindau disease), For a Child’s Smile (PSE), Payasospital, the Ronald McDonald House at La Fe Hospital in Valencia, Pásalo Puzol Cáritas and Manos Unidas.

In the same spirit of collaboration, and together with the Valencian Regional Department of Health, Caxton College organises blood donations twice a year for parents, school staff, and students who are already aged eighteen.

The Student Voice

Secondary students have a series of organisational structures through which they can express themselves and defend their educational interests. 

These are the Class Representatives and Prefects. Reps (KS3) are elected by a democratic vote in each tutor group. Prefects (KS4) are chosen by Tutors and Heads of Year by an application process . Their responsibility is to listen to their classmates’ opinions and bring them to the Delegates, the Student Council and the Secondary Leadership Team (SLT) at meetings held each month, and later inform the class of the results. They are part of the “voice” of students and, as such, play a very important role in improving the school. In Sixth Form, the Student Coucil are responsible for gathering information from students via surveys, suggestions boxes and tutorial visits. The Student Council also meet with the Reps and Prefects termly



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