Vision, Values and Aims


Our approach is simple: through creativity in classes and encouraging broader learning, we instil the desire to achieve and become open minded global citizens. As an evolving international community, we are proud to celebrate unity and diversity in our school.

Together we strive to remove any barriers to learning, and use and develop positive and innovative learning environments that provide a window on the world.


Our principal aim is to nurture all children, treating them as individuals and helping them achieve academic excellenceWe follow the British education system and complement it with experiences that stimulate pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. This allows us to guarantee the highest standards of teaching and learning at all levels. 

We comply with all of the Spanish curriculum requirements so that all of our pupils can obtain both their British qualifications as well as recognition of their studies by the Spanish authorities. The British education system is organised into blocks called ‘Key Stages.’ Each level has its own learning and development methods and objectives.

Key Stage 3 (Year 7 to Year 9)

This is the first stage of Secondary education. During these first three years, pupils have specialist teachers in each subject, as well as a tutor who provides support and guidance, in addition to overseeing the pupils’ well-being and general progress. Students at Key Stage 3 experience a broad and varied curriculum, developing a firm basis of skills and subject knowledge across a range of subjects.

Key Stage 4 (Year 10 and Year 11)

These two years are the last stage of compulsory Secondary education. Whilst some subjects remain compulsory, the curriculum adapts to pupils, offering them a range of options when choosing optional subjects based on their preferences or future career choices.

During this stage, both teachers and tutors work closely in order to help students to acquire good study habits, to learn to take responsibility for their actions and decisions, to develop the ability to make informed and considered lifestyle choices and to use their time effectively: in summary, to develop as well-rounded individuals, who are ready for life beyond Caxton College.

Secondary Values 

The values that identify the Secondary stage of education focus on a culture of working together and diversity through:

  • A sense of community through the ‘One School, One Community’ programme, whose aim is for pupils to accept diversity and multiculturalism in our school community.
  • The motivation to celebrate differences and cultural uniqueness through events for the whole school, such as international food fairs, talent contests or prize giving events.
  • The willingness to learn to treat others as we wish to be treated.
  • A feeling of pride at benefiting from a satisfactory education and at the way in which each member of the community represents the school.
  • Recognition of the personal and academic achievements of outstanding members of the school community.
  • The mutual respect required to create a community with strict procedures to protect pupils and whose chief aim is the overall well-being of all members of the school.

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