Discover the Sixth Form

During the past several years, the Sixth Form curriculum has undergone a number of changes, and we have adapted our programme of study in order to satisfy the requirements of British and Spanish universities, as well as those located in other countries. Our curriculum provides students with a maximum amount of flexibility and a wide variety of subjects to choose from, as well as the thorough subject knowledge that they will need for their university studies.

At Caxton College we emphasise the personal development of our pupils, and we make up a community that offers a safe environment and supports each of our students in a personalised way.

In every community there are rules that all members must respect. At Caxton College, we create an environment with high-quality education at its centre, and with the expectation that students acquire habits of good relations and respect that will serve them throughout their lives.

Our aim is for students to have a positive learning experience that will allow them to reach their potential. It is their responsibility to contribute to this through co-operation and consideration of others.

We are committed to providing our pupils with the best possible education in order for them to become happy and successful adults.

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