Homestay principles

At Caxton College we aim to make our host family boarding a rich and rewarding experience. Pupils board with carefully selected Spanish host families whilst studying in a British environment which offers them a rich dual cultural experience. Caxton College aims to provide the Boarders with every opportunity to realize their full potential, academically, socially and in extra-curricular activities. The Caxton College homestay experience helps students develop independence, self-discipline and responsibility in a friendly and caring family environment. Our boarders gain places in some of the best universities in Spain and around the world.


“To live with a Spanish family is to be totally immersed in the culture and lifestyle of the country, a unique and enriching experience not to be missed”



Our host families, chosen through a rigorous selection process, look after and care for their boarder as they would a member of their family, providing them with their own room and study facilities so that their domestic and study surroundings are as close to their home environment as possible. All meals are provided by the families except for school lunches and our families also take care of laundry and cleaning.

Our host families live in residential areas near Caxton College, as well as in other nearby towns and villages and in the city of Valencia. We endeavour to assign families according to the students’ requirements and preferences.

During the first few weeks in Spain, students may find that that the lifestyle is different from what they are used to, and that they will need to adapt to different meals, habits, climate and customs. Living with a Spanish host family ensures that the student will receive support and help in adapting to the new surroundings and lifestyle.

Two types of homestay boarding options are offered:

  • Full Homestay Accommodation: the student stays with the host family for the entire term, including weekends
  • Weekly Homestay Accommodation: the student arrives at the host family on Sunday night and returns to their parents’ home on Friday after school


The Boarding Admissions Officer offers support and guidance during term time and liaises with teachers, parents and host families on all issues relating to the Boarders.

Our aim is to make the boarders’ stay as pleasant as possible, ensuring that they are well looked after and integrated within the school and life in Valencia. The Boarding Admissions Officer holds regular meetings with students to check on their welfare and solve any problems that they may have. Host families are also asked to send regular reports on the progress of their boarder.

Communication with parents is one of our top priorities, and we value frequent contact. We send regular reports on their child’s progress in order to keep them informed.

Caxton College is committed to child protection and safeguarding children and young people and expects all staff, visitors and host family members to share this commitment.


We aim to:

 Provide a trusting, supportive and mutual respectful environment for all pupils.

  • Foster and value effective relationships with the boarders and their families
  • Provide our boarders with lots of new experiences to help them grow and develop into confident, independent and positive people who want to be involved as much as possible in all aspects of school life.
  • Ensure that all our boarders flourish as part of a mixed community and that they will make a positive contribution to society.
  • Produce an open and trusting ethos in which each boarder feels able to approach any other member of the community (staff or pupil) confident in the knowledge that they will be treated and respected as an individual.
  • Ensure boarders are safe and happy in their homestay environment

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