Vision and Aims


Our approach is simple: through creativity in classes and encouraging broader learning, we instil the desire to achieve and become open minded global citizens.

As an evolving international community, we are proud to celebrate unity and diversity in our school.

Together we strive to remove any barriers to learning, and use and develop positive and innovative learning environments that provide a window on the world.



Our principal aim is to nurture all children, treating them as individuals and helping them achieve academic excellence.

We follow the British education system and complement it with experiences that stimulate pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. This allows us to guarantee the highest standards of teaching and learning at all levels.

We comply with all of the Spanish curriculum requirements so that all of our pupils can obtain both their British qualifications as well as recognition of their studies by the Spanish authorities.

The British education system is organised into blocks called ‘Key Stages.’ Each level has its own learning and development methods and objectives.

Key Stage 5

Is the final stage in our students’ academic careers. At this stage, students really begin to specialise in their chosen subject areas, in preparation for entry to University. As well as many Spanish universities, our graduates go on to study at some of the top Universities around the world, including the UK, USA, China and Holland.

Our Sixth Form aims to prepare students not only academically, but also on a personal level, to meet the demands of the ever-changing society they are part of.

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