Olympics Camp

Four Olympian Days

For children born from 2018 to 2020 - From 25 to 28 June

Games and lots of fun!

Water Games

Swimming is one of our star sports, so we always promote it from the youngest ages. What better way for children to get started than with enjoying a wide variety of fun aquatic activities!


Introductory lessons in this sport will be focused on developing the children’s motor skills. They will also work on the technical aspects of basketball appropriate for this age group.


Creativity is an aspect that we always aim to include in the majority of our activities. Through these art lessons, we will promote this ability that is a strength our school is known for.

French & German Games

The French and German teachers from our Language Academy will teach this fun activity in which children (from Reception and up) will begin to experience these two languages ​​through typical children’s games from the countries where these languages are spoken.


Fee: €45 per day (including bus transport service)

Enrolment for single days is permitted.

Bus Transport

Route along the Gran Vía in Valencia with a minimum number of pupils requesting the service.

Timetable and Required Equipment


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