Discovery Camp Amazing Topics

Amazing Topics

For English-speaking children from Baby Caxton to Year 2 (born between 2017 and 2021). From 1 to 31 July

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Escuela bosque en caxton College


For children born in 2021. We will discover the secrets of the insects, small creatures and plants that live around us and explore using a variety of materials.

Semana temática del English Language Camp de Caxton College. Porgramas de verano

Fantastic Fire

For pupils born in 2018. We will create dragons and fire engines whilst learning about fire safety.

Discovery Camp en Caxton College. Verano artístico y científico

Magical Summertime

For children born in 2020. We will immerse ourselves in this season of warmth pretending to be magicians and learning about the refreshing and delicious fruits of summer.

esIMG_7410 Edicacion infantil Caxton College


For pupils born in 2017. We will compare sizes and imagine what dinosaurs, giants and other fantastic creatures looked like.

Cursos de inglés de Caxton College.

Air & Space

For children born in 2019. We will fly into space to learn about rockets and planets and will create our very own kites and flying saucers. Incredible!

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