Summer Abroad

There are many advantages of studying abroad. We here at Caxton College are aware of this, and therefore recommend that our students attend courses abroad in order to gain a unique and enriching experience.

As educators and parents, we look for courses which guarantee quality and ensure total linguistic immersion, so for this reason we seek programmes that are attended by only a small number of Spanish-speaking students.

With these factors in mind, we have drawn up a short list of courses in England, Germany and France aimed at providing your child with the opportunity to practise and improve their language skills.


Please contact us for more information by ringing 961 424 500, or by sending an email to


We will provide you, at no extra charge, advice about the best course that will suit your needs, depending on your child’s age, the number of weeks’ stay abroad, the student’s level, hobbies and expectations.

For more information contact us