Support for our students from Ukraine and Russia

As a result of the worrying military conflict between Ukraine and Russia, we wish to express our concern and offer our support to all pupils and members of staff from these two countries who may need it due to the fears and uncertainty that they are currently experiencing.

Aware of this difficult and sad situation, we are providing emotional support for the members of our international community who are directly or indirectly associated with the area where the armed conflict is taking place.

In order to create a better understanding of this situation, we have asked our school families to discuss it at home with empathy and matter-of-factly so that the points of view of both nationalities are respected.

Currently the pastoral teams in Primary, Secondary and Sixth Form are implementing a series of activities designed to ease the impact of this situation on our pupils.

It is our sincere wish that this terrible situation end promptly and that peace be restored between the two countries.

  • Primary staff are regularly checking in with all pupils who have links to Russia or Ukraine.
  • All pupils have been reminded about their ‘Helping Hand’ – thier five adults who can help or support them when needed.
  • Class teachers continue to work on our PSHE curriculum using the SCARF platform which has extra resources to help with children suffering from anxiety or feeling worried.
  • Staff in other departments (dining room, clubs, buses, playgrounds) who work with Primary pupils have been made aware of the situation and asked to observe pupils and inform PLT of any concerns.
  • Any issues involving unkind behaviours will be addressed on an individual basis and further action taken if needed.


  • Secondary Form Tutors and Heads of Year are holding regular ‘check-ins’ with all students who we know have direct links to Russia or Ukraine. Additionally, our middle managers are also checking in with staff who may be affected. We want to ensure that communication remains open within our community and that our staff and young people feel they have someone to talk to.
  • Secondary students have been told that if at any point, they need time to think, reflect or just to speak to someone for support, they can ask their teacher for time out and can come to find support from any member of the Pastoral Team, including Heads of Year, Assistant Head: Pastoral, Co-Head: Pastoral and the School Psychologist
  • Our Ethics and Philosophy teacher, Mr Andrews has put together a ‘Fact checking’ guide for young people, to help them navigate all of the information they have access to on the internet. It’s important to be able to judge how trustworthy sources are and to think critically about what we are reading, hearing and seeing.
  • To support staff in talking about the current conflict, we have shared this link to the DfE Education Blog Help for teachers and families to talk to pupils about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and how to help them avoid misinformation.

Whole school

  • We are collaborating with a local charity – Pásalo Puçol – that has organised donations of essentials, including warm clothing, first aid kits and personal hygiene kits that will be sent to Ukraine.

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