Sustainable School

As with other responsible institutions around the world, for years Caxton College has put into practice activities that demonstrate our commitment to society and to the environment.

Firstly, as an educational centre, we teach a curriculum in which the personal development of the pupil is an intrinsic part. Our aim is for our students to develop the altruistic attitude that is essential for achieving a sustainable society. Through educational classroom activities, our pupils assimilate the values and virtues that they will need to become citizens who are respectful of our planet.

Secondly, as a private corporation, we are constantly working to adapt our administrative procedures to a sustainable model that is integrated into the circular economy. We have a Sustainable Development Committee made up of an interdepartmental team of staff who promote different initiatives throughout the school and who aim to make the rest of the staff aware of the importance of being responsible in all areas.

All of this goes to show that at Caxton College, we are aware that we must actively work to continue developing and expanding our educational activity and corporate procedures with the aim of attaining the Sustainable Development Goals set forth by the UN for the year 2030.


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