We succeed together

We are extremely grateful for the kind messages of support that we have been receiving from our parents, and we'd like to share some of them with you.
Our parents are central to our educational project and working together is essential to ensure our pupils' full development.

Thank you for your support


Year 6 & 8

Thank you for the amazing effort and fantastic work that every member of Caxton College is putting in during these times of Covid. I knew you were a wonderful school but now I know you’re the best. Thank you!!

Year 3, 6 y 8

Our daughters are very happy at school. Starting on the first day, they have come home with a smile on their face every day since the first day. They speak highly of the school, their classmates, their teachers and even the meals, haha! I really want to thank all of you for making the process of joining mid-year such a simple one.

Year 11

Thank you so much for all of the effort you are making and the transparency in the information related to Covid-19 in the school. We are most grateful and it gives us much peace of mind.

Year 6 & 8

We just wanted to convey our thanks for your hard work in such a difficult context. We can’t help but notice the level of exposure you face every day and the worry that is inherent in this complex situation. And even more so with the group of students you’re in charge of. As parents, we’d like to show our appreciation for the efforts of all of the Secondary staff: non-teaching and teaching, dining room, maintenance etc, for keeping the school open, keeping us constantly informed and implementing protocols that, given the circumstances, have been quite successful. All of this was made possible by the commitment and collective sense of responsibility that all of you show. We hope that you and your families stay in good health. Thank you very much and keep up the good work.

Year 12

We want to thank you all for the effort you are performing throughout this difficult year, and in addition for the great and warm welcome experienced by T.

Year 12

Thank you so much for the mentoring programme you have started to help pupils who need it, among them our son. Once more, Caxton is thinking and helping its students, our children. We only have words of thanks and affection for you!

Year 2 & 3

Hopefully one day we families will be able to give back even a small part of what you at school give us every day. All of you: in the kitchen, transport, school cleaners, teachers, secretaries…. We have nothing but admiration for you.

Year 1 & 3

Both my husband and myself are doctors and we work in hospitals where, as you know, the situation in past months has been very difficult. We’d like to thank you for the amazing work that you’re doing to protect the health of the children. We have never had a single doubt about our children’s safety at school. I think that in general the entire teaching community is showing an exemplary attitude. They have all of our support and we hope that, bit by bit, we can begin to resume our normal routines. Our best wishes, and keep it up.

Year 6 & 9

We just want to thank all of the Caxton teachers and staff for welcoming K. into Secondary, and for challenging him in his subjects. He comes home every day sharing something new that he has learned, that has gotten him thinking deeply. We really appreciate the daily feedback about his progress in his subjects. We are so grateful that even despite the pandemic, he is able to go to a wonderful school where he is being challenged intellectually and given an excellent education. The Buddy programme has worked very well and he has settled in and found some very nice friends. He even loves the food at lunchtime! 🙂 We are looking forward to things getting even better once the pandemic (hopefully) is over. Thank you for delivering a great curriculum despite the challenges. Thank you for all the support and keep up the great work!

Year 1, 7 & 10

Thank you for the amazing effort absolutely every member of the school’s staff is making. Our heartfelt thanks.

Year 13

Congratulations for the international food initiative in the month of March! At Caxton you are always thinking of ways to make pupils’ lives more enjoyable, and in a year like this one with so many restrictions, when the easiest thing would have been to stop these activities, you’ve kept on coming up with new alternatives. Thank you for showing our children so much affection and love.

Nursery & Year 12

These past months, we’ve been particularly proud to have our children at Caxton College. Absolutely everything that you are implementing seems perfect to us, from transparent information about classes or pupils who have been isolated, to restrictions regarding when pupils can be collected from school and even to timetabling and online lessons…. Thinking about all of the details that can help make our lives easier is something we will never be able to thank you enough for.

Year 4 & 8

S. has settled in very well both socially and academically at Caxton. We have been impressed with her renewed enthusiasm for school work and she has made a point of saying how she is finding her Mathematics teacher very approachable and accommodating. On a social level, she feels welcome and included – the ethos of the school very much alive in her co-students.  In her own words ‘moving to Caxton has been the best decision of my life!’  (She has set the bar high!)
We were also very impressed with the professional manner under which you personally handled her application. It is not easy for either party in the current circumstances, but your accommodation of a site visit was greatly appreciated by both us and Sophia.

Year 9

Congratulations!! I think you’re doing an incredible job and I know how much effort is required. A million thanks for taking such good care of our children. We have always been sure that we chose the best school for Carlos, but how you have managed this situation only reinforces that feeling. Thank you again.

Year 2 & 3

A very special thank you to María, the school nurse, who works so incredibly hard every week to keep the COVID situation under control and look after our children’s health. Thank you so much to everyone in the Caxton team for all of your effort.

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