Exam Results

Our students follow the British curriculum and, just like their British counterparts, sit the international exams set by British Examination Boards that are linked to the most prestigious universities in the U.K.

There are three essential examination periods and cohorts taking British exams within the school: the IGCSEs taken in Year 11; and the AS and A2 exams taken in Year 12 and 13.

Meanwhile, Primary students will sit an examination when they finish this stage of their education, as well as being internally assessed by the school.

Thanks to the academic results that our students achieve annually, they gain access to nationally and internationally renowned universities.



End of Primary Test Results

% Working At Expectations% Working Above Expectations% Working At and Above Expectations
Reading55% 40%95%
National Average *results are standardised against 89,00 pupils 54%23% 77%
*Internally marked

Summary IGCSE results

Historical results in exams

Our Year 11 students obtained excellent results in their IGCSE examinations to access 6th Form. 93.4% of them passed all the exams and they attained 187 A*s (the highest possible grade in a British exam), giving us the highest ever scores in theses exams in the history of Caxton College.

A*, A, B and C are considered pass grades.


Our individual results by subject can be seen below; these results have been compared to all the pupils that sat these exams in the UK internationally.

At A*-B, all but one subject was equal or higher than the international average results. Excellemt!

SubjectCaxton A*-C %International Results %Caxton A*-B%International Results %
Art & Design: Fine Arts88.963.477.845.6
Business Studies98.267.659.637.3
English as a Second Language79.167.444.545.9
English Language92.679.574.763.2
English Literature10092.392.376.3
Computer Science88.24576.531.5
Physical Education94.453.183.335.6
Science (Double Award)9570.77950.1

AS results Year 12

The pass rate for this year’s AS exams was excellent with the results at A*-E increasing also to 94%, a Caxton record! This is phenomenal and a credit to both students and teachers for all their hard work, dedication and effort.

A*, A, B, C, D and E are considered pass grades.

The continues success of our pupils and staff for the past 5 years is summarised below:

AS grades were very good, with 70% of our pupils achieving an A to C grade at AS Level, and the A to E (pass rate) is a steady 94%. There were 117 A grades at AS Level by the Year 12 and Year 13 pupils.

A, B, C, D and E are considered pass grades.

The continued success of our pupils and staff  is summarised below:

SubjectsCaxton A*-E%International Results %Caxton A*-C%International Results %Caxton A*-B%International Results %
Business Studies93.38763.34936.725.5
English Literature1008885.755.642.937.2
Further Mathematics10093.281.883.272.773.6
Physical Education5086.12547.82527
The percentages of A*-B grades for Sociology, Spanish Literature, Chemistry and French were significantly higher than the national averages.  Maths, Psychology, History, Biology and Business also beat national average results with Physics equalling A grade results.

All subjects achieved higher than the national average results for A*-C grades with the exception of Geography and History.

With the exception of Geography, History and Thinking Skills, all subjects beat A*-E national average grades, although history was only 2% away.

A2 results Year 13

Both A* to C and A* to E grades increased slightly from last year. A* to C is an excellent 80% at A Level, with there being 129 A* and A grades.

A*, A, B, C, D and E are considered pass grades.

Our individual results by subject can be seen below; these results have been compared to the results of all pupils that sat these exams internationally.
SubjectsCaxton A*-E%International Results %Caxton A*-C%International Results %Caxton A*-B%International Results %Caxton A*-A%International Results %
Business Studies10097.987.57762.546.515.614.8
English Literature10096.410072.810054.457.126.2
Fine Art10099.110085.466.765.65035.3
Further Maths10094.881.882.554.570.327.350.1


Academic Year 2018/2019 (new info July 2019)
Number of students90
Sixth Form average grade (max. 10)7.90
Average university acceptance grade (max. 14) 80 pupils10.958
Students enrolled at Spanish universities--
Percentage of students accepted for their first choice degree programme at Spanish universities--%
Percentage of students with a cut off mark higher than 12 points30.37%
Percentage of students accepted into public univerthe Valencian Region with a cut off mark higher than 10 points)--%


Degree Programmes in Public Universities in the Valencian Autonomous RegionCut off mark 2016/2017Number of students: 24
Degree in Medicine – Universidad de Valencia13.0583
Degree in Aerospace Engineering - Universidad Politécnica de Valencia12.9283
Degree in Physics – Universidad de Valencia12.7831
Double Degree in ADE + Law – Universidad de Valencia 12.1463
Degree inInternational Business – Universidad de Valencia 12.1322
Degree in Maths – Universidad de Valencia11.8081
Degree in Industrial Technologies Engineering – Universidad Politécnica de Valencia 11.3144
Degree in Design and Creative Technologies – Universidad Politécnica de Valencia11,0361
Degree in Mechanical Engineering - Universidad Politécnica de Valencia10,9542
Degree in Business Administration and Tourism – Universidad de Valencia10.9221
Degree in Industrial Organisation Engineering - Universidad Politécnica de Valencia 10,7592
Degree in Business Administration – Universidad Politécnica de Valencia10.14310
Degree in Energy Engineering – Universidad Politécnica de Valencia 10,152
Students enrolled at international universities: 13 (Academic Year 18/19)
Degree ProgrammesUniversity
ComputingAustralia National University
European StudiesUniversity Amsterdam
HospitalityÉcole Hôteliêre de Laussane
political ScienceUniversity Amsterdam
Interior DesignYork Saint Johns University
Hospitality BusinessGlion
EngineeringUniversity of Bath
Computer ScinceKing's College London
Modern Language and BusinessManchester University
BusinessLeeds Becket University
Nueclear EngineeringBerkeley University California
LawMastricht University
LawDurham University
BusinessKing's College London
Students enrolled at Spanish universities: 71 (Academic Year 18/19)
Degree ProgrammesUniversityNumber of students
Business AdministrationUniversidad de Valencia7
Business AdministrationUniversidad Politécnica de Valencia10
Business AdministrationEscuela de Empresarios - EDEM2
Business Administration Instituto de Empresa - IE Segovia2
Business AdministrationUniversidad Católica de Valencia1
Business Managemente and AnalysisUniversidad Politécnica de Valencia1
Business Administration and LawUniversidad de Valencia3
Business Administration and LawColegio Universitario de Estudios Financieros CUNEF - Madrid2
Business Administration and TourismUniversidad de Valencia1
Biotechnology and Marine ScienecesUniversidad Católica de Valencia1
Data ScienceUniversidad Politécnica de Valencia1
LawCardenal Herrera CEU - Valencia1
Law and CriminologyCardenal Herrera CEU - Madrid1
Law and International RelationsInstituto de Empresa - IE Segovia1
Design and Creative TechnologiesUniversidad Politécnica de Valencia1
EconomicsUniversidad de Valencia1
PhysicsUniversidad de Valencia1
Fundamentos de la ArquitecturaUniversidad Politécnica de Valencia3
Aerospace EngineeringUniversidad Politécnica de Valencia3
Biomedical Engineering Universidad Rovira i Virgili de Reus1
Energy EngineeringUniversidad Politécnica de Valencia1
Industrial Engineering and OrganisationUniversidad Politécnica de Valencia2
Technology and Telecommunications EngineeringUniversidad Politécnica de Valencia1
Electrical EngineeringUniversidad Politécnica de Valencia1
Industrial Technologies EngineeringUniversidad Politécnica de Valencia5
Mechanical EngineeringUniversidad Politécnica de Valencia1
Chemical EngineeringUniversidad Politécnica de Valencia2
IT EngineeringUniversidad Politécnica de Valencia1
Mechanical EngineeringUniversidad Politécnica de Valencia2
MathematicsUniversidad Politécnica de Valencia1
MedicineUniversidad de Valencia3
MedicineUniversidad de Barcelona2
MedicineUniversidad Católica de Valencia1
International BusinessUniversidad de Valencia2
International BusinessESIC1
PsychologyUniversidad de Valencia2
PsychologyUniversidad Católica de Valencia1
Veterinary ScienceCardenal Herrera CEU - Valencia1

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