The Secondary and Sixth Form Psychologist, Ms Cristina Pérez, works closely with parents, co-ordinators and with teachers in order to provide careers orientation for those students who require it.

The department’s aims are:

  • To identify high ability pupils. This is accomplished through group or individual testing, or via direct observation by parents and teachers.
  • To analyse the cognitive and/or aptitudinal profiles of pupils with difficulties. The school offers academic support in small groups to help students develop study and organisational skills.
  •  To monitor the pupils’ emotional development and to provide follow-up and guidance for parents and teachers, offering individual or small group support to pupils with difficulties relating well to others or transitory emotional disorders.
  • To provide teaching resources for staff in order to give advice on the most appropriate strategies to help students, depending on the individual needs of each one.
  • To organise talks for parents to make them aware of essential information regarding their children’s proper physical and emotional development.
  •  Careers orientation for students towards choosing optional subjects for study.

The department organises termly talks and also creates informative videos with useful advice for parents regarding their children’s education.

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